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.... most recent featured Forestry and Forestry-Related Jobs from Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and around the world.

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check_imageCanadian Forest Products Ltd. - Canada:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: ; Finishing Superintendent, Maintenance Superintendent, Quality Control Supervisor; Marketing: Manager - Product Development & Specialty Sales, Sales/Shipping Coordinator; Operator: ; Professional: Divisional Accountant, Forestry Supervisor - Planning, Silviculture Forester; Technical: Buyer/Maintenance Facilitator, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Receptionist/Administrative Support, Senior Business Analyst - Finance Systems; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageCanfor Pulp Limited Partnership - Canada:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: ; Shift Supervisor; Marketing: ; Operator: ; Professional: Process Engineer/Technologist; Technical: ; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageCascades Inc. - Canada and United States:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: Directeur de la Consolidation, Directeur - Relations avec les Investisseurs, Superviseur Électro-Instrumentation, Supervisor Electro-Instrumentation; Marketing: Customer Service Representative, Regional Sales Manager, Représentant des Ventes au Détail, Représentant(e) - Service à la Clientèle, Sales Representative; Operator: ; Professional: Accountant, Chargé de projets - Éolien, Chargé de Projet - Équipe Technique Conversion, Chargé de Projets - Mécanique, Contrôleur Comptable Siège Social, Ingénieur de Projets Civil, Ingénieur de Projets Électrique, Ingénieur de Projets mécanique, Project Manager - Technical Team Conversion, Senior Process Engineer; Technical: Accounting Clerk, Analyste d'affaires, Analyste en Approvisionnement, Assistant Controller, Programmeur, Responsable CAO, Technicien de Projets Civil, Technicien de Projets Électrique, Technicien de Projets mécanique; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageThe Davey Tree Expert Company - United States and Canada:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: Climbing Arborist(s), Internship, Plant Health Care Applicator, Tree Care Trimmer(s), Tree Trimmer(s) & Climber(s), Utility Line Clearance Trimmer(s), Utility Line Clearance Trimmer(s)/Climber(s); Management: General Foreman - Utility Line Clearance, Tree Care Foremen, Utility Line Clearance Foreman; Marketing: Arborist Sales Representative; Operator: ; Professional: Bat Ecologist / Field Technician, Utility Forester - Allentown, Utility Forester - Clearfield, Utility Forester - Chicago, Utility Forester - Columbus, Utility Forester - Indianapolis, Utility Forester - Mobile, Utility Forester - Naples, Utility Forester - Pittsburgh, Utility Forester - Providence; Technical: Data Collection Technician(s), GIS Technician, Internship, Irrigation Technician, Meter Reader, Plant Health Care Technician; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageDomtar Corporation - Canada and United States:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: ; Marketing: Sales Account Manager - Pacific Northwest, Enterprise Group; Operator: ; Professional: ; Technical: Agent - Cash Application, Agent - Master Data Maintenance, Architect - Infrastructure Solution, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, SAP Functional Analyst; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageGeorgia-Pacific L.L.C. - United States and Canada:

Crafts/Trades: Boiler Operator, Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance Planner, Electrical & Instrumentation Mechanic, Electrician, General Mechanic - Paper, HVAC Journeyman Mechanic, Lumber Grader, Maintenance Master Electrician, Maintenance Mechanic, Maintenance Planner, Millwright, Welder; Labourer: General Helper, General Laborer, General Labor Pool, Labor Pool, Laborer - Probation; Management: 3rd Shift Production Supervisor, Boiler & Small Projects Leader, Converting/Production Supervisor, Corrugator Supervisor, Director - Engineering R & D, Electrical Superintendent, Human Resources Manager, Maintenance Superintendent, Maintenance Supervisor - Plywood Manufacturing, Manager of Environmental Safety & Health, Paper Crew Leader, Plant Manager, Plant Manager - Board, Plant Superintendent, Production Leader, Production Manager, Production Manager - MDF, Production Supervisor, Production Supervisor - Converting, Production Supervisor - Greenend (Plywood Manufacturing), Production Supervisor - Plywood Manufacturing, Pulp and Utilities Shift Supervisor, Pulp Mill and Woodyard Crew Leader, Reliability Manager, Safety & Health Manager, Shift Production Supervisor, Superintendent - Greenend, Superintendent - Greenend (Plywood Manufacturing), Supervisor - Maintenance, Supervisor - Maintenance/Boiler, Supervisor - Planer, Supervisor - Sawmill, Team Leader; Marketing: Associate Product Marketing Manager, Customer Service Representative, Marketing Communications Manager, Regional Account Manager, Senior Manager - Sustainability: North American Consumer Products, Senior Product Manager - Private Lable Tissue; Operator: Forklift Operator, Operator, Operator Trainee; Professional: Electrical Engineeer, Environmental Engineeer, Manufacturing Engineer, Dry End Technology - Rewinding, Plant Engineer, Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Engineer - Electrical, Project Engineer - Plywood Manufacturing, Quality Engineer, Regional Controller, Reliability Engineer, Senior Staff/project Engineer, Stationary Engineer, Utilities Reliability Engineer; Technical: Electronic Technician, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Instrument Support Technician, Inventory & Logistics Coordinator, Kiln Coordinator, Maintenance Clerk, Maintenance Technician, Optimizer, Plant Purchasing Agent, Process Technician, Quality Assurance Technician, Reliability Technician, Safety Specialst, Scaler, Shipping Coordinator, Supply Chain Analyst, Technical Specialist, Technician, Transportation Planning Specialist; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageInternational Forest Products Limited - Canada and United States

"International Forest Products Limited (Interfor), based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the Pacific Northwest's largest producers of wood products."

The company operates 5 sawmills in British Columbia, Canada and 4 sawmills and 1 remanufacturing plant in Washington and Oregon, United States." Read more... . external_link

check_imageInternational Forest Products Limited - Career Opportunities

Crafts/Trades: Maintenance Planner; Labourer: ; Management: Electrical Supervisor, General Manager, Fiber Supply, Maintenance Superintendent, Maintenance Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor/Planner, Manager, Corporate Accounting, Processing Superintendent, Sawmill Manager, Sawmill Supervisor; Marketing: ; Operator: ; Professional: Area Forester, Logging Engineer; Technical: Internal Controls & Compliance Specialist, Senior Purchaser/Planner; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageIsland Timberlands Limited Partnership - Canada:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: ; Marketing: Log Trader; Operator: ; Professional: ; Technical: Log Sales Administrator; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageKruger Inc. - Canada and United States:

Crafts/Trades: Maintenance Mechanic; Labourer: General Labourer, Production Worker; Management: Procurement Agent & Stores Supervisor, Training Leader Coordinator; Marketing: Category Development Manager, Field Sales Representative - Part Time; Operator: ; Professional: Systems Engineer; Technical: Technical Assistant - Mechanical Engineer, Technical Assistant - Process Engineer; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageResolute Forest Products - Canada, United States and South Korea:

Crafts/Trades: ; Labourer: ; Management: Director - Enterprise Architecture, Director - Investor Relations, Director - Risk Management, Director - Systems & Programming, Director - U.S. Tax, Electrical & Control Maintenance Supervisor - Kraft Mill/Utilities, Maintenance Reliability Superintendent, Manager - Energy Development, Manager - SR & ED, Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor - Newsmill, Operational Excellence Manager - Reliability, Utilities Manager, Sawmill Supervisor; Marketing: ; Operator: ; Professional: Mechanical Maintenance Reliability Engineer, Financial Accountant; Technical: Cost Analyst, Financial Analyst - Consolidation, Logistic Analyst - Supply Chain, Senior Active Directory & Citrix Administrator, Senior Analyst - Inventory Control, Senior Internal Auditor, Senior Internal Auditor - Compliance, Senior Internal Auditor - Information Systems, Transit Claims Administrator; Job Postings Updated:

check_imageWeyerhaeuser Co. - United States and Canada:

Crafts/Trades: Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Intern, Mill Maintenance Technician, Millwright; Labourer: ; Management: Engineering Manager, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Maintenance Optimization Manager, Quality / Value Manager, Safety Manager, Sustainability Manager; Marketing: Dealer Sales Representative, Panels (OSB) Sales Representative, Product Sales Representative, Sales Associate; Operator: Wood Processing Operator; Professional: Chemical Process Engineer, Forest Economist, Forest Resource Analyst, Process Control Engineer, Senior Mechanical Project Engineer; Technical: Aquatic Technician / Stream Typing Coordinator, Design Technician, IT Regional Infrastructure Specialist, Intern, Radio Technician, Real Estate Support Specialist, Senior Buyer, Senior Project Analyst; Job Postings Updated:

More Featured Jobs from Plenty of Forestry Jobs

.... most recent featured Forestry and Forestry-Related Jobs from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the European Union, China and around the world.

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Forestry Schools

check_imageUniversity of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; School of Forest Science & Management. external_link_image

check_imageUniversity of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Faculty of Forestry. external_link_image

check_imageUniversity of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management. external_link_image

check_imageUniversity of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada; Faculty of Natural Resources & Environmental Studies. external_link_image

check_imageAlgonquin College, Pembroke, Ontario, Canada; Forestry Technician Program. external_link_image

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; Applied & Natural Sciences Program. external_link_image

Student Recruiters

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Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada; Forestry Technician Program. external_link_image

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada; Faculty of Natural Resources Management. external_link_image

Université Laval, Ville de Québec, Québec, Canada; Faculté de Foresterie, de Géographie et de Géomatique. external_link_image

Maritime College of Forest Technology, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; Forest Technologist Program. external_link_image

Université de Moncton, Moncton, Nouveau Brunswick, Canada; Faculté de Foresterie. external_link_image

Selkirk College, Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada; Forest Technology Program. external_link_image

Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada; Department of Natural Resource Sciences. external_link_image

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Faculty of Forestry. external_link_image

check_imageVancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada; Forestry Department. external_link_image

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